About US

Golden Container Founded in Dubai in 2016, It is Saudi Emirati Company and entered the market to shine its name Shortly and became a distinct company.

Since then it has witnessed a remarkable development to become one of The most prominent companies in the sector of general trade, import, Export, marketing and distribution, and worked hard to become a multi_ Activity Company.

In line with the values that believes in, it seeks to invest In the development of many industrial projects and create a strong national Product capable of competing with global comparatives.

On the other hand, the company’s branches in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai And in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh to provide the Gulf business sector with diverse products.

It will serve as a platform for cooperation, promote the growth of industries, put Forward new ideas and initiate projects to promote trade between the GCC countries and the world.

The company has become more flexible and accelerated towards sustainable growth And focus on the needs of customers, attracting enthusiastic employees who Participate in this commitment and keep it part of the change as well as a culture of Diversity departments, today has a presence in the Middle EAST and the world to promote Exports Imports of various services have witnessed a wide supply chain and Have a lot of delivery sites and through its operational activates in more than one Country was the beginning of its actives in multiple actives and Tamar activities in several areas:

  • Water Resources – Healthy water like Golden Water
  • Agricultural food resources , including : Dates of all kinds
  • Services: Marketing, distribution, import and export services inside and outside
  • the Arab countries and the world.
  • Land freight service
  • Sea shipping service
  • Insurance service and transport of materials to ports
  • Customs clearance service
  • Trade in food, industrial and service resources.

Our Goal

Is to support the vision of the future in providing an excellent service in the field of General trade to meet the ambition of our customers and achieve their goals through The credibility of dealing with the best electronic systems by linking automated Network connecting an integrated automated network linking the branches of the Company to provide the service accurately and high speed. 

Development and upgrading To the highest levels of professionalism during our business and secure Distinct employment where we established our branches and infrastructure and we have good Working relation and strong and long-term, we guarantee you are safe with us.

Our Vision

That the company has leadership and leadership in the field of comprehensive trade, And with continuous to customer requirements

Our values

Golden Container Company follow values with belief in teamwork, Persistence, commitment, ambition, and integrity. These values inspire us How to serve our customers and who trust in our company experiences.